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Do you have to replace your ink cartridges often? Is your cupboard full of ink cartridges and toners? Are you always thinking about the re-ordering of your cartridges and find yourself constantly checking your ink levels?
Well, forget these time consuming and restrictive tasks and choose to never use cartridges or toners again. That is the Epson Ecotank promise.

What is Ecotank?

Ecotank lets you make real savings, not only financially but also in terms of time and energy. This printer incorporates a technology allowing you to manually refill the high capacity ink tank integrated into the printer. This printer has various other advantages that sets it apart from other printers:

  • A compact printer: this printer is particularly compact and has a small footprint
  • A specially developed printhead: unlike other printers containing printheads that can sometimes be fragile, the Ecotank printhead is particularly resistant
  • High quality photo printing: this printer will allow you to print your photos in high quality
  • Duplex printing: one of the essential features of this printer is the ability to print your documents on both sides of the paper speedily

The Ecotank range

There are a number of different Ecotank printers that meet the needs of specific printing requirements.:

  • A photo printer: This printer is especially built to print photos in great resolution and quality. If your objective is to optimise the quality of your printed photos then this printer is for you
  • A single-user printer: this printer is recommended for single-users due to its economical price while still offering you some really useful functionalities such as duplex printing and wifi connection
  • A printer for businesses: this printer delivers a higher performance compared to the other printers, especially in terms of loading documents. Long term, this printer will save you both energy and time by reducing the frequency of reloading your paper tray

Ecotank: More Eco than most printers

The best thing about Ecotank printers is that they are very low maintenance. Generally, you will save up to 90% on your ink costs. As we’ve seen, it is particularly cheap due to its integral ink tank. There are other printers that offer this technology, but only Epson, who are pioneers of this ink system, have managed to really understand this technology.

The price is also very attractive. A printer of this high specification that will allow you to print in colour, print photos, duplex printing and scan for under £300. This is a very attractive price for a printer that offers such varied features. Added to all these features is the particular Ecotank technology which not all printers offer. And if they do, it will certainly not be on par with Epson Ecotank.

Ecotank: Video presentation

Ecotank: pour aller plus loin

In the end, Ecotank printers have revolutionized the world of printing much more than any printers. Money-saving and durable, the Epson Ecotank will surely reduce your printing costs. If you have a question or a project, do not hesitate to contact one of our 120 experts, available by phone or via our online chat.


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