Utiliser un scanner professionnel

The scan function is undoubtedly a very important element to consider when purchasing your business printer. This function, somewhat under used, is extremely practical. Below are the main features of scanning:

1- storing a document on your computer

By scanning a document and saving it on your computer or server, you will no longer spend 50 minutes trying to get your hands on a document embedded in a pile of sheets on your desk. This will reduce the influence of disorder on your professional life. The scan function becomes even more useful if your desk is the size of a shoe box, if you have a hundred invoices to keep carefully and if you are currently sitting on a pile of documents due to lack of storage….

In addition to space-saving, you will give your colleagues the illusion that your desk is tidy and you will are in control. Some kind of storage guru.

2- No more accusing your colleagues of having never returned the documents you loaned to them when they claim otherwise

By scanning the document, your colleagues will be able to access it at the same time as you (provided you do not save the document on your personal private server)

Also, it will prevent your colleagues from making annotations on your dear document, from curling the corners of the page or putting a cup of coffee on it and creating a dark brown halo appear. Your scanned document will remain beautiful and clean for life! Advice if you work in a large organisation or if several people need to have access to several documents at the same time: you can set up an EMD system to facilitate storage.

3- Send a document in PDF or JPEG by email

By scanning a document, you can send it directly to the recipient by email via the “scan to mail” function. No need to send you the document and then send it back to the recipient. You can do everything at once from the touch screen of your business printer. However, remember to check the recipient’s email address carefully, so as not to send a top secret document to an important customer…

4- Storing a document on a USB key

The “scan to USB” function is available on most printers, and is even more useful if you do not have access to a computer. Just scan the document, send it to the USB key that is plugged into the machine and you can keep it in your pocket!

5- Protecting against natural disasters

Imagine that you have about a hundred very important documents… and a sandstorm/hurricane/volcanic eruption destroys your documents. What bad luck. At that terribly difficult time, you would have at least been grateful to have scanned and saved them using the scan function of your professional printer. Think about it, scanning makes it possible to secure the storage of documents.

6- The scan function: a gesture for the planet

At Ecoburotic, we are aware of the impact of paper on our environment. The scan function therefore makes it easier for you to work in the office, but also promotes sustainable development and reduces your paper consumption. Have the thought to scan the documents every time you want to print them. Both economically and ecologically, the scan function will appeal to the planet as much as to your managers.


The author Elizabeth

I am passionate about digital and new technologies, I will advise you with articles about office printing. Ecological to my soul, I only print in black! I am also a fan of the multifunction printer, especially for scanning.