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Connected devices are everywhere in our daily lives: watches, shoes, glasses, speakers. They invade our homes and workspaces. Their usefulness is no longer in question, whether in terms of practicality, fun or technology. If there is one domain in which a connected device can save precious time, it is the domain of the professional printer. We can all remember (too) many times where our business printer runs out of ink or toner. And this always comes at the wrong time, of course: before an important customer appointment or in the middle of a day of intense activity… And then… it’s the drama, the nervous breakdown!

Professional printer connected = SERENITY!

Connecting your professional printers eliminates these situations. Not only do you no longer run out of ink, but you no longer waste time ordering your cartridges and toners (Oh yes, you to have not memorized the make and model of all your printers at the office?). Are you interested in making your life easier in a few minutes?

Professional printer connected, how does it work?

Thanks to applications or small pieces of software, a professional printer automatically communicates the level of its cartridges and therefore the status of its needs. You may have been aware of these options if you use a service provider who installs and manages a fleet of photocopiers in your company. Until now, these solutions were almost exclusively reserved for companies using contract printing solutions. However, the applications concerned can work just as well for ALL professional printers connected to your company’s network. Regardless of the size of the fleet and without any contractual commitment!

This is the service offered by Ecoburotic as part of its Print Essential offer.

The implementation of this service is extremely simple. The application is installed on your network in a few minutes by our remote technician. This application then transmits certain data from your professional printer to Ecoburotic teams: the level of cartridges or toners, the number of pages printed, alerts…

And then what? From your side you have nothing more to do; the cartridges and toners will arrive directly on your desk.

A personal space allows you to monitor your consumption in real time and control your entire fleet of professional printers. By the way, this interface will be very useful to monitor unnecessary impressions (on average 20%… Oh yes!).

Our advice: connect all your professional printers regardless of the brand!

Some manufacturers also offer their consumables supply service. But only on their own brand. However, it is extremely rare to have only one brand of printer within a company. To take full advantage of the time and budget savings offered by these services, make sure that your service provider allows you to connect your entire fleet, regardless of the brand of the professional printer. This is the case with the Print Essential service.

Personally, I don’t have a connected watch yet. However, I can’t even remember the last time I was out of ink. And Juliette, who works a few meters from me, has just finished identifying the requirements for cartridges and toners for all departments, on all printers….

One last detail: this service is free of charge and without obligation.

Interested? Take 2 minutes to discover the Print Essential offer in video.



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