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Printing costs: 5 tips to reduce your budget

Comment mieux gérer votre parc d'imprimante professionnelle et faire des économies

When we talk about reducing a company’s printing budget, we inevitably start with 2 scary observations:

  1. Only 1 in 10 companies really know what they spend on printing
  2. And yet, according to an IDC study, companies spend up to 3% of their turnover on document production, management and distribution.

Ouch, it hurts… It’s a reality. And now that you have these statistics in mind, ask yourself this question: what is my company’s printing budget? Usually, this question is followed by a no formal answer….

What exactly is a company’s printing budget?

Let’s start by defining which items make up a printing budget. There are two types of costs:

  1. Visible printing costs: they are generally under control. They include the equipment, consumables and maintenance of your professional printers and photocopiers.
  2. Hidden printing costs are those that are more difficult to identify and affect productivity in particular:
  • The time spent by the company’s IT department on printing problems, up to 50%….
  • The case of a company that has a fleet of multi-brand printers and photocopiers with many suppliers, time-consuming in terms of stock management, replenishment and invoicing
  • The hidden cost related to productivity if the company has equipment that is unsuitable in relation to its needs
  • But also the storage of consumables, which can have a significant value.

In short, many factors for which there are simple and pragmatic solutions if you are well supported. We offer you 5 tips that will certainly help you reduce your company’s printing budget.

1 – Conduct an audit of your fleet of professional printers

When it comes to audits, it’s simply a matter of listing your printers and photocopiers within your company, then analyzing the type and volume of printed documents. You will already be able to start identifying savings in the printer fleet and unnecessary prints.

My advice is to use the services of an expert in the field. On the basis of the material you have listed, he will be able to carry out an in-depth audit and offer you more efficient and economical printing solutions.

2 – Study the renewal of your equipment

A professional printer poorly calibrated for your activity is a source of costs: overconsumption of ink and parts, repeated failures, loss of productivity, poor print quality… Discover in this video how to choose the professional printer best suited to your company.

You should also know that professional printers and new generation photocopiers consume up to 40% less energy.

3 – Centralize your printing on multifunctional photocopiers

It is also an exercise worth carrying out: should your auxiliary printers be replaced by a multifunction photocopier? Generally, this consideration come up with some surprising answers. Especially since this equipment is usually accompanied by a rental contract, being more flexible for cash flow and more advantageous in terms of services (installation, maintenance, etc.)

Your service provider, if he is a good professional, will be able to calculate for you the savings achieved by this outsourced management solution.

4 – Set up a document digitisation project within your company

We know that the volume of documents managed by a company increases significantly each year, the scanning of documents becomes a key issue to reduce the printing budget. Invoices, pay slips, contracts… There are numerous options, but they still need to be implemented using clearly defined methodology. Find out here what are the key success factors for choosing a scanner.

5- Encourage good practices within your company

A few simple rules can already reduce a company’s printing budget.

  • Print primarily on both sides and/or in black and white: these are options that can be directly configured on most professional printers
  • Always check on screen before printing to avoid layout problems
  • Select the pages to be printed and not necessarily the entire document
  • Choose multiple printing, which allows you to consolidate several pages on the same sheet

In short, high printing costs are not inevitable. There are simple solutions that will give you immediate benefits to reduce your company’s printing budget.

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