Printing at the centre of business

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Printing touches every aspect of business, whether it be small, medium or a large enterprise.  The proportion of your spending it represents is dependent on the printing requirements within your business.  There are many different types of printers dependent on you needs.

1. A short history of printing

In the beginning printing was the heart of some businesses activities. It all started in 1439 in France with the invention of the printing press. 

From 1439 till today the print sector has been in constant evolution and has adapted to changing demands and needs to come up with the solutions for new requirements. 

Today everything suggests that the printing sector would be endangered by the impact of the internet, the digital revolution and overall dematerialisation of the business world, this making printing obsolete.  However the print sector continues to adapt as the paper format is part of our daily life.

This is why the different suppliers in this sector develop more and more new innovative solutions and services offering to support and optimise business productivity. 

2. Paper is still indispensable for many enterprises

In some enterprises paper is indispensable for some aspects of work.  Today the digitising of many aspects of business appears to be the biggest danger for printing, however there are still aspects of business for which printed material remains a necessity.

In the context of the development of the online retail for example there is still a need for printing labels, management and delivery documents must also be printed.

In the legal and financial sector from solicitors, lawyers, book-keepers and accountants there is a need to print all sorts of administrative documents. Also all companies in all sectors print invoices, quotes or contracts.  Two options are available to customers when it comes to printing technology: printers and multifunction inkjet or lasers.  In order to define what is most suitable we invite you to read our article relating to this subject.

3. The Dematerialisation – The New Challenge for Business

Finally, some enterprises may no longer need any printed documents or very little at most, the hour of change has come.  Whether it be for enterprises or administrations the dematerialisation is a necessary passage.  In fact we need to adapt to the new ways of work with clients and business partners and enterprises of all sizes are moving progressively towards electronic storage.  We therefore recommend that you look at various existing scanners that allow you to meet different scanning needs.

4. Printing profession: to move to the next stage

The use of paper is still unavoidable whether it’s occasional or reoccurring within the different services. 

However the dematerialisation market keeps on progressing.  This is due to the transition to digital, search for efficiency or the growth of e-administration.  However tools are needed to promote this approach, such as the cloud or the scanner. At Ecoburotic, our printing experts are at your disposal to support you on a daily basis by helping you with your printing and assisting you in the management of your printing needs.


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