Recycler vos imprimantes professionnelles

After years of living the good life, after being a reliable workhorse, your professional printer has just died. Like any computer equipment it will not last forever. One day the journey ends. It’s sad, of course. Such a beautiful love story cannot end like this. But after the tears, it is time to do one more thing so that she can leave with dignity. There’s no way she’s going to hang out in a corner of the office for months, that would clutter up your workspace and remind you every day of the good times you shared together. Today, there are solutions to recycle your printer: let’s take stock.

Why recycle your printer?

Beyond the emotional side, there are many other reasons to recycle your printer:

  • Protecting the environment

By recycling your printer, you avoid adding to the environment the substances that are dangerous to health that a professional printer can contain. During recycling, all pollutants are carefully removed before being disposed of in specialist facilities.

  • Saving natural resources

You may not know it, but the materials contained in your printer, such as iron, copper or electronic cards for example, can be reused to make new products. For example, the recycled plastic can be used to create all kinds of new products.

  • Creating employment

The recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment is an industry of the future, which creates jobs and continues to invest. In the UK, 26,100 employees focus on transforming waste into new raw materials in more than 1,300 companies. Recycling your printer is therefore a good way to promote job creation in an indirect way. Keep the economy running: recycle!

How to recycle your printer?

Whether you are a professional or a private individual, tailored solutions exist to help you recycle your equipment. Start by removing the cartridges (which are themselves recyclable) and take them to the appropriate recycling location.

  • For individuals

Take your printer to a local waste recycling centre or a store that accepts such recyclables (larger supermarkets).

  • For professionals

Get in touch with your distributor or assigned sales representative so that they can direct you to a suitable solution with an individual quote. They will guide you on the steps to take and the right choices to make.

Once dropped off at a collection point, your printer will be sent to a recycling centre. The pollutants contained in the printer will be removed and disposed of in accordance with European recycling standards. And the different materials will be sorted before being reused in the manufacture of new objects. It should be noted that the older a machine is, the more likely its components are going to be dangerous for the environment and for humans. Don’t wait any longer: give a second life to your equipment, think about recycling your old printer!


The author Justine

In this world where everything is moving so fast, we must also take the time to listen to our planet and take care of it. As a printing expert, I will bring you practical tips. Because these are the small streams that make the big (and beautiful) rivers