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All you need to know when you want to print an important document


  1. Print a confidential document
  2. Print a high quality document
  3. Print a durable document
  4. Print your important documents: conlusion

Did you know that printing a payslip, a contract or a brochure requires due care and attention for a quality result? In order to help you with all your important document printouts, Ecoburotic will give you all the tips that you need.


An important document will possess one or more of these characteristics:

  • It is a confidential document :
    Whether it be a payslip, an invoice or a contract, some of the documents that we print on a daily basis may be sensitive in nature. That will most notably be the case in the medical and healthcare sectors, in the legal profession or even in human resources departments or accounting.
  • It requires great printing quality:
    Certain documents necessitate a high-end printing quality (such as brochures, presentations, quotations…) these types of documents could be used in marketing and marketing communications.
  • It needs to be a durable document:
    Whether the document is durable or not will be heavily dependent on the printing equipment being used. These long-lasting documents are usually required in administrative work and in the legal profession.

So if you wish to know all of our tips to optimise the printing quality of your important documents, here is the guide!

I need to print a confidential document

Imprimante HP

If ever you are looking for new ways to increase your stamina, well it’s easy to do: just send the print job launch of one of your most sensitive documents to the wrong printer. Very few are the lucky ones who have not had, at least once, the misfortune of sending one of their ultra-confidential print jobs to the wrong printer, forcing them to leap into a panic stricken sprint to go and retrieve it.
Although it might be a hilarious sight to behold for some of your co-workers, it is a mishap that is thankfully avoidable with printers such as the HP Pagewide Pro MFP 477 DW, that features pin protected printing and badge authentication.

I need to print a high quality document

Choosing the right printing technology is absolutely essential when printing high resolution documents.
For all your photos, we recommend that you use the inkjet technology, which will provide a higher resolution and a better colour and image. Models that specialise in printing photos of printers such as the EPSON Expression Photo XP-8500 Small-In-One.

Imprimante Epson

However if your document is comprised of just text and/or graphs a laser printer such as the BROTHER MFC L2750DW will do just fine.

Imprimante Brother

Choosing the right paper is also a factor that needs to be taken into consideration for the printing of quality documents. The higher the grammage the better the print quality will be.
So these are our tips when using various paper grammages:

  • Check in the technical specifications of your machine whether it accommodates the particular grammage you are using.
  • If you print on a regular basis on a variety of media types, we recommend to opt for a model that offers the possibility of having multiple paper trays or to add one optionally, like the BROTHER MFC L8690CDW for instance.

Finally it is good to know that certain copiers offer a variety of features that allow you to add some finishing touches, which will be ideal for important documents.
Certain models will permit you to add document enhancements such as stapling, perforations or even saddle stitching.
With all these features you will be able to relegate bad memories of whole days spent copying stapling and perforating stacks of massive documents to a distant past.

I need to print a durable document

The type of equipment you decide to make yours with also have a bearing on the durability of your documents.
If you wish to archive your documents we advise you to use inkjet printing, which will deliver a longer lasting print than laser. Some regulations make it obligatory on certain corporate bodies to respect and comply with the ISO 11789 standard when archiving documents. These standards include the durability of writing, print and reprography on paper documents.

It’s always good to know:

  • If the printing you carry out takes place in a cleanroom, so as to comply with ISO standard 14 644–1, it will be better to use an inkjet printer rather than laser, since the latter generates airborne particles.
  • Opt for USB connectivity and/or secured Wi-Fi when confidentiality is required so as to prevent network intrusions.

Print your important documents: conclusion.

So here you have it, choosing the right print technology, a suitable paper grammage and taking into consideration many other key factors depending on the circumstances will be crucial when printing your important documents.
Do not leave out setting out your specific document requirements accurately by asking the right questions. Will it be a confidential document or one that requires a higher print quality? And finally, will it need to be durable? The printing needs will need to be defined in order to make the right printer choice.
Now if you need more information to find a suitable printer, feel free to contact one of our experts by calling us free on 0800 028 3197 or by using the chat option on our website.


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