How to make your printing corner more welcoming and cosy?

Why would you want to make your printing corner more cosy and welcoming, and which steps would you implement in order to achieve that goal?

Few things are more tedious than having to collect the documents you have just printed, having to stop all other important activities, get up, make your way sometimes across the whole office space on your level to get to your business printer, to finally find out that you hadn’t even printed out the right document in the first place!

To lighten the burden and sweeten the pill when it comes to the whole printing experience, a few simple steps ought to be taken to turn this space fraught with bad memories into a more warm, welcoming and cosy area. By doing this you will free your staff from this feeling of having to perform a chore. Below, I give you a few tips so that the printer is no longer that monster in the corner that employees shrink from.

Your printing corner could also be a reading areaBibliothèque pour coin imprimante

So you’ve just finished a top priority 179-page dossier and you’re the happiest employee in the building. That is before you realise that you still have to go through the bother of having to print it. Considering how important your dossier is, there is not a chance in the world that you’ll even move an inch away from the printer. If a colleague of yours were to decide to print a large document himself while you’re printing, you would have to work out which is which. So here you are, in front of the printer trying to deter anyone else from even daring to come anywhere close.

No worries! There’s a simple solution in order to make your every waiting and printing “waking moments” feel much shorter. Install a few aesthetically pleasing shelves garnished with a variety of books, and furnish that space with a few armchairs, and here’s a nice reading space for everyone to enjoy. While you’re there you might want to read books related to certain markets or covering a whole range of other subjects.

A printing corner with a “view”

If you are not so lucky as to have an intern to get your printed documents for you, you might want to consider decorating that space with a few pictures rather than leaving it bare. This will allow you to enjoy the contemplation of some beautiful landscapes while waiting there for your documents, or even just to enjoy the sight for a brief moment when you pop back to get what you printed.

Although your printer might not be the most handsome feature in the office space, it does not necessarily follow that its environment must also be so. Employees of companies spend a vast amount of time going to and fro, from desk to printer; it would therefore be a shame for that space to be neglected.

Decorate your printer with stickers

Stickers pour imprimante professionnelleYou will most likely know someone that has a PC that they have decorated with lovely stickers. It can be a creative way of personalising your printer by making it unique.

There must however be a few conditions that come with this. The printer should not be leased and therefore be yours. Although some stickers may be removable, there still is the risk that they might damage the printer. Furthermore it is important to have stickers that suit a professional environment. And finally if clients are able to see your printer, it is best not to use stickers.

Make your office space and printer corner more eco-friendlyL'aloes verra pour assainir l'air de vos bureaux

As you know the air is globally getting more and more polluted and unbreathable. Off course we can all help to improve things by efficiently recycling ink cartridges for instance. But at the same time I have found a solution that will improve your immediate environment.

Thanks to the Aloe Vera plant, which has powerful decontaminating properties you will be able to improve air quality in offices and make your printer corner more inviting. Certain studies have even shown that the Aloe Vera plant is able to absorb electromagnetic waves emitted by computers and printers. This plant will therefore contribute to the purification of the air around you and bring a touch of nature to your offices. You’ll see these small but extremely beneficial plants may be found anywhere and cost very little.

A printing corner where you might want to hide the printer

 We’ll all agree that a printer might not be the first thing you want to see when you come to work in the morning. It’s not the most pleasant looking piece of equipment and for some of us it might be reminiscent of undesirable moments, trying to change a reluctant cartridge or dealing with a paper jam. To hide this diabolical beast might be better so as to ward off possible unsavoury inner mental dialogues and conflicts. However if you have a seriously bulky office multifunction printer, it might require a fair amount of creativity to camouflage it. Otherwise if you have a classic backup printer (like the Brother HLL8260cdw), you can always psych yourself up and make a beautiful wicker basket to store the beast.

Cacher votre imprimante poue améliorer votre coin imprimante

A printer corner, and treats and sweets

Going from your desk to your printer might make you peckish. Do not hesitate to put forward a strategy that will ward off slumping sugar levels among staff that have been walking miles and miles just going from desk to printer. Give precedence to sweets and avoid perishables and all the downsides related to them that we all know about.

A more charming printer corner: to what end?

 So here we have it, be sure to have a warm and cosy printing corner that is part of a global strategy that aims to improve all your offices. This strategy consists in making your workspace more welcoming and pleasant, which in turn will have a motivational effect on your employees. When employees are motivated they will be more productive and will want to work hard for the company.

The fitting out of your printing corner and your offices in general must be seen as an investment and not as being simply wasteful. On the other hand if you work alone, enhancing your work environment is all the more important, for to work alone in an unpleasant environment can end up being demoralising and counter productive.


The author Justine

In this world where everything is moving so fast, we must also take the time to listen to our planet and take care of it. As a printing expert, I will bring you practical tips. Because these are the small streams that make the big (and beautiful) rivers