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Are your prints of poor quality (with lines on your images for example)? Worse, it no longer prints one or more colours? This is certainly a sign that you need to clean your print heads. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything.

têtes d'impression imprimante

What is a print head?

A print head is a component of an inkjet printer that extracts ink from the cartridge and distributes it in droplets to your prints. It can either be integrated directly into the cartridge as shown in the image above, or into the printer:

The ink is mainly composed of water. Inside the cartridge, it is protected against evaporation. The ink on the print head is exposed to air and can evaporate. If the printer is not used regularly enough, the ink dries and clogs the print head. This is what causes the poor quality of your prints.

Our advice

Take care of your print heads because replacing them is often just as expensive as the printer itself.

Print at least one page per week of each colour. This prevents the ink from drying out and therefore having to clean your print heads too frequently.

Avoid brands of low-cost compatible cartridges. Choose a compatible ink that will allow you to properly maintain your printer. Discover for example the Isotech brand which offers you a premium quality while allowing you savings compared to original brand cartridges.

Cleaning your print heads from your printer

If your printer has a screen, cleaning the print heads is very easy:

  • In your printer menu, select “Maintenance” or “Ink“. On some touch screen printers, you must press the ink level indicator directly.
  • Then select “Clean the print heads“. This starts the process.
  • After cleaning, run some test pages to confirm that the quality is better.

Cleaning your print heads from your computer

If your printer does not have a screen, you will need to start cleaning from your computer:

Under Windows

  • In the settings screen, go to “Printers and Devices“.
  • Right click on the printer concerned, then choose “Properties“.
  • In the “Cleaning“, “Maintenance” or “Services” tab, you can start cleaning the print heads

On Mac:

  • Go to “System Preferences” and select “Printers and Devices“.
  • Select the printer concerned and open “Print Queue“.
  • Then click on the service icon associated with the printer to open the settings
  • Select “Maintenance” then “Cleaning of print heads

Manual cleaning

Finally, for cartridges whose print heads are integrated into the printer, you can do a manual cleaning if the automatic cleaning is not efficient enough. To do this, remove the cartridges and access the print heads. You can clean them with a soft cloth soaked in water or with a professional cleaning kit.

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