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How to choose your multifunction printer: A3 or A4 format?

Quelles sont les différents formats papier pour imprimantes professionnelles?

You are planning to buy a multifunction printer but you are not sure about the A3 or A4 format. Let our expert advice guide you!

The choice of material, A3 or A4 format, is not only based on the fact that the largest format is supported. The question also arises of the choice of options that can be associated with it to obtain equipment adapted to your individual daily professional needs.

The A4 multifunction printer will be more compact and can normally be positioned close to users. Its options are relatively limited: only additional paper trays and stapling can be added, and only on certain models.

The A3 format also offers the A4 format.

If you need to print in A3 format, the question A3 or A4 format doesn’t even arise: you have to choose a multifunction that allows you to print on this format!

The advantage of the A3 multifunction printers is that it can support both A3 format, of course, but also A4 format.

Something that the A4 multifunction machine, solely limited to the A4 format, does not necessarily offer. On some models, especially entry-level machines, the A3 format is only available for the printing function. The various options, such as additional paper trays, for example, will be pretty much non-existent before moving to higher machine ranges.

Options to meet the need for versatility

The A3 multifunction printer can be equipped with options that are rarely available on an A4. For example, options for holding a wider paper selection. These additional requirements, which are met by additional paper trays or large capacity paper trays (3000 sheets for example), can help meet your varying needs. Among these functions are:

1- Finishing options

The finishing options include different options such as:

  • stapling
  • perforation
  • folding
  • booklet module (folding and stapling in the centre)

They therefore allow you to print documents with a professional quality finish.

2- Paper tray options

Most A3 multifunction printers have 2 standard paper trays. However, additional trays can be added at any time and allow a specific paper type to be selected. These additional accessories allow you, for example, to avoid refilling your paper too often.

It’s also very convenient if you need to handle different types of paper (whether in terms of format or weight), you can dedicate a tray for each paper type.

For example:

  • tray 1 for plain paper,
  • tray 2 including the A3 paper stock,
  • Tray 3 holds the letterhead paper,
  • tray 4 is used as a stock for thicker paper.

These different paper trays have capacities that vary from 500 to 3000 sheets maximum.

Some more advanced features

Saving documents

On some A3 models, a hard disk is integrated. As on a computer, it allows you to store documents that you have to print on a recurring basis, without having to print them, each time, from your computer: imagine, for example, a request form or an expense report form. These hard disks can, of course, be secured by you yourself, limiting access to selected people or requiring a pin or code.

Full control via the touchscreen

Most A3 multifunction machines are now equipped with a touch screen, which makes sense for those of you who need to scan and send directly to different destinations, as the “scan to mail” function allows for example.

You can also rename your documents or integrate a mail body directly via the touch screen of your multifunction printer. It’s even easier and faster to use!

On an A3 multifunction printer, these features can go further than on an A4: it is possible to send a document by email and, in addition, to rename it and enter a body of mail, all this directly via the touchscreen of the machine.

You can also reduce the size of the attachment or ask to receive a confirmation of sending the email.

Smooth operation

Today, most, if not all, multifunction devices, whether A3 or A4, are equipped with a display, more or less large, backlit and in colour, which makes it easier to use printing equipment.

On A3 multifunction machines, you also have the option of creating shortcuts via the machine display.

This allows you to use and save multiple settings on a single key. You will not have to go back to the menus to set up what you want to do and you will save a considerable amount of time going forward.

Intuitive shortcuts

These tips therefore greatly ease the use of the multifunction printer, which may seem complex at first glance, we grant you that. Thanks to these shortcuts, you minimize your risk of errors, save time and can devote more of your time to your core business!

A3 materials are often initially equipped with a large capacity document feeder that can hold from 100 to 300 sheets. The higher the capacity of the chargers, the faster the scanning speed is and therefore saving valuable time for all its users.

On these A3 multifunction devices, it is also possible to configure a document feeder that will scan the front and back sides of an individual document at the same time, which will save you a lot of time!

What do you need to remember?

The A3 multifunction printer is not just a printer that prints on A3 format. It is a complete multifunctional printer, which supports different paper formats. On the other hand, A4 multifunction printers are limited to this single format and do not offer all the functionality of their A3 counterparts.

It is therefore up to you to choose, according to your business requirements and various needs, the multifunction that will best serve you day to day. In order to help guide you in this difficult choice, please remember that our specialist advisors are always available via our virtual instant messaging on our website.



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