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How to choose the right professional scanner?

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You know it exists, but you wonder how it could be useful to you? You already have a multifunction printer, so why bother with a professional scanner? We provide you with our advice to help you choose your future professional scanner, and especially to understand its true usefulness. Find out if you really need a professional scanner with our professional advice.

A scanner in addition to a multifunction?

It’s true, our multifunction printers already offer us the scan option. Why should we need an additional scanner? Well, there are a number of valid arguments that answer this relevant question:

  • Mobile and transportable

The mobile, or nomadic, independent scanner offers you freedom of movement. Imagine that you need to scan a professional document while you are on the move at your customer’s premises: you take out your Epson Workforce DS30 scanner, no need for a wired connection, you scan and send the document in a few simple steps.

  • Multi-tasking and fast

Unlike a multifunction printer, the independent scanner can scan a multitude of documents in a single pass. Without any complex configuration required, simply place your documents in its document feeder, as shown in the video of the Brother ADS 2700W scanner, all of them will be scanned in one go at an impressive speed.

  • Document processing and management

In addition to its speed and mobility, the independent scanner offers you the possibility to reprocess a document after scanning. You have the option of deleting blank pages quickly, for example, or straightening a page that might have been miss-loaded, or even upside down, during scanning. Everything is done in a simple and intuitive way, in a few simple steps.

How do I choose the right scanner for my needs?

Among this quantity of different references and models, how can we choose THE scanner that will perfectly meet our requirements? We advise you to ask yourself the following questions.

1- How many documents do I scan per month?

Depending on your professional activity, you know approximately how many sheets of paper you have to digitize, per day or per week. This number, even an approximate one, will be important to help to guide you of which scanner to choose.

A mobile scanner can scan up to 4,000 pages per month. A compact scanner can scan up to 10,000 pages per month. This difference alone is considerable and must be considered when selecting a scanner appropriate to your requirements. At a rate of more than 10,000 pages per month, you will need a production scanner, also called an office scanner.

2- What are the specific requirements for my job?

If you are a pharmacist or optician, you will first and foremost be looking for a mobile scanner, suitable for your counter or office. This device will be light, mobile and also perfect for your travels.

If, on the other hand, you work in a legal profession, for example, or in the field of accounting, the compact scanner will be a much more suitable tool. Indeed, thanks to its document feeder, it allows you to scan many sheets of several different formats.

3- What are my needs, or preferences, in connectivity?

Do you have any constraints related to the connections and connection of your scanner to your computer? Wifi, USB or RG 45? Choosing your ideal professional scanner also takes this factor into consideration.

If you absolutely need USB or Wifi connectivity, the mobile scanner will be ideal because it is designed to be synchronized quickly and easily to your workstation.

If you have the need to share your scanner over the entire Internet network, you need to think about Ethernet, or Wifi, connectivity, which will be essential for you. This is essential whether you choose a mobile scanner or a compact scanner.

My ideal scanner, in short

Why choose a professional scanner?

After all this information, you are still wondering why you should buy an additional device with this unique scanning function, unable to print like a multifunction printer.

Keep in mind that the scanner allows you to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Share your scanned documents, simply and efficiently
  • Reprocess documents directly if necessary

And how to choose the right scanner?

To reinforce your choice of scanner, ask yourself:

  • What is my monthly printing volume (number of pages per month)?
  • Do I need to share my documents on my network?
  • Is space saving a decisive factor for me?

It’s up to you now! You have all the necessary elements in your possession to make the right choice. And if you still have doubts, you know that our specialist advisors will always be happy to answer you, via the chat on our Ecoburotic website.


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