How to Choose ?

How to choose the right network connections?

Choisir les bonnes connectiques réseau pour sont imprimante professionnelle

Wifi, network, USB, AirPrint or wired cable… what connections do you really need for your printer or multifunction device? We provide you with the answers to these many questions, tailored to your needs, your equipment and the functionality of your machines.

Why should you choose your network connection?

vue-arriere-machineUsing a printer today, in a professional environment, has become a real daily task for many of us. Imagine that you had to connect your department printer directly to your work computer, every time you wanted to use it? It would be painful, complicated and even unmanageable for some organizations, wouldn’t it…?

That’s why connecting to the Internet is essential today. Every modern printer, classic or multifunctional has this network connectivity, wired or wireless, more or less simple to understand and configure.

Ethernet connectivity guarantees a wired connection to your Internet network, while Wifi connectivity brings you the convenience of a wireless connection. But depending on the various needs of users, Wifi connectivity can be either essential or, on the contrary, completely superfluous…

Find our selection of machines, from all categories of printers, configurable on the network via standard Ethernet connections.

Do you really need WiFi?

dessin-printer-wifiIs your workstation far from your printer?

Do you share the printer with several employees in your department or company?

You do not have access to wired Ethernet ports?

Then you definitely need Wifi!

Wifi technology allows your printer to connect to your local Internet network, and not only to your work computer, regardless of the distance from your Internet source (your box or Internet modem).

In many cases, users absolutely want their printer to be equipped with Wi-Fi so that they can connect to it via their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Well, you should know that this is not mandatory at all!

A network printer is not necessarily a WiFi printer

In reality your printer, connected to your Internet network, can be used by any device connected to your company’s network. No matter if your printer offers you a Wifi connection or not, as long as it is connected, in one way or another, to your Internet network, you will be able to use it via all your personal and professional tools.

The Wifi of a printer offers you the big advantage of not having to carry any Ethernet cables. But keep in mind that you can still send documents from your smartphone to your printer without any Wi-Fi connectivity.

Find all our printers, from standard printers to multifunctional models, equipped with Wifi connection technology.

USB connection: where is it appropriate?

Definitely the most basic, simple method…

At a time when Wifi was not an essential feature enjoyed by our popular printers, we used to connect via USB. It was therefore imperative that our computer was connected directly to our printer by wire.

This reliable and efficient connection still exists today and allows you to benefit from a fast and seamless connection. On the other hand, you must, of course, keep your desktop printer close by…

USB: proximity and connection

This is the one condition to be adhered to at all costs: your printer must be within reach of the computer with which you are sending the print request. Convenient for truly localized use, from a computer to a single printer, this USB connection will be perfect if you have a desktop printer that only needs to work at your single workstation. Also useful for occasional printing with other devices, which will then connect directly to it.

For all your needs, from standard printing to scanning, faxing or copying, discover our selection of printers and multifunction printers that can be used with a USB connection .

What is AirPrint technology?

Have you ever heard of, or read about this term introduced by the Apple brand? It is this tool that allows you to print with all Air Print compatible devices from a Smartphone or iOS tablet, without having to install or download any specific drivers or applications.

Many printers are compatible with AirPrint technology today and many are among the manufacturers’ brands that we offer. You can find this complete list published by Apple.

However, keep in mind that you must share the same Wifi connection network with your device (smartphone, tablet or computer) as with your AirPrint compatible printer and that you must be within reach of the latter.

Discover our selection of printers compatible with Apple’s AirPrint technology.

What is NFC technology?

Near Field Communication“… I know… It doesn’t say much more to you than the acronym NFC… Don’t panic, we will explain!

This is a technology similar to the “Flash Code” or “QR Code” used in our modern mobile devices. For the most part, this technology is used by smartphones for easy payments in shops that are equipped with this wireless accessory.

More and more printers are equipped with this NFC chip system today, allowing you to print or scan a file, photo or document from your phone, just by holding it above the NFC label on your printer.

However, you must ask yourself:

“But what is the difference between NFC and Wifi then? Except that you almost have to stick your device against the machine to print…? »

The main difference is that NFC technology allows you, to send a request to the machine, without a wired connection, but above all to retrieve information or data from your multifunction printer. This advantage is valuable for transmitting information to your technician who can, for example, easily decipher error messages or assess the status of your machine. Fantastic isn’t it…?


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