Changement d'une cartouche d'encre pour imprimante professionnelle

When to change an ink cartridge?

Before changing an ink cartridge, you need to know when to change it! There are 2 possibilities:

  • The printing quality of your documents is no longer satisfactory: the colours are less bright than before, green becomes yellow, lines appear….. Our advice is to print a test page to get an overview of the quality. If this test is not successful, it is time to change the cartridge(s).  In this case, press “configuration” then go to the “maintenance/cartridge replacement” menu and “start“.
  • You can no longer start printing and a message appears on the screen: press OK and then press the top arrow button.

How to change an ink cartridge?

There are a few very simple rules to follow that will allow you to change an ink cartridge with peace of mind. Generally speaking, each printer has its own operating mode, the cartridges are not all in the same place and each brand has its own set up. However, these general tips below will help you to overcome this challenge:

  1. A new cartridge must be available so that it can be put in immediately once the vacuum is removed. Indeed, if you wait too long, the nozzles on the print head may start to dry.
  2. Once you have identified where the cartridge to be replaced is located, it must then be removed! There are different techniques, depending on the models: sometimes it is necessary to tilt it, push in a clip that allows it to be detached, press directly on it etc. The most important thing is not to get confused and just use your common sense: in general, it is very easy to remove a cartridge!
  3. Before inserting the new cartridge into the printer, it is important to shake it several times in its packaging. Then remove the safety tab or unlocking lever (depending on the model).
  4. Then insert the new cartridge in place of the old one. This is loaded properly if you hear a click. You can then print a test page to check the quality.

Which cartridge to use?

Each printer manufacturer has its own brands of consumables. However, you may have already noticed that there are so-called “compatible” cartridges on the market, which are generally much cheaper than the original brands.

Here is a small summary of the different classifications of printing consumables:

  • Re-manufactured compatible product

This is a cartridge from a manufacturer that has already undergone a duty cycle, which has been collected, sorted, disassembled, cleaned, refurbished, refilled and the sensitive wear parts (such as the drum for example) have been replaced if necessary.

  • New compatible product

This is a new cartridge that is not produced by the original printer manufacturer. The functionalities and appearance respect the patents and intellectual property of the original brands.

  • Counterfeit product or “clone” product

This is a new cartridge not produced by the original printer manufacturer, whose appearance strongly copies the original cartridge and therefore does not respect either patents or the intellectual property of the original brands.



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