Changer toner imprimante professionnelle

Toner, better known as the box containing the different inks, is one of the essential tools of laser printers and photocopiers. Changing a toner can sometimes be difficult, as can predicting and anticipating a renewal need for your professional printer. Here are our tips for changing a toner without any problems!

How to anticipate a toner change?

A toner does not last forever; it can sometimes run out quickly depending on the level of use of our equipment. It is therefore essential to opt for the purchase of equipment with high-quality toner, thus preventing damage to the machine in the long term.

It is best to change the toner in your equipment as soon as a signal appears on your machine or via a notification that may appear directly on your computer.

Changing a toner in 8 steps

  • First turn off the printer
  • Open the cover where the toner is located
  • Remove the toner to be changed using the colour (s) indicated on the screen
  • Press the small lever, then remove the toner container to be changed
  • Remove the packaging of the new toner container, then remove the protective cover. Then install the new toner container in the drum until it clicks into place. If this action has been performed correctly, the small lever automatically lifts up.
  • Clean the corona wire inside the drum by carefully sliding the green tab several times from left to right and in the opposite direction.

Be careful, the lever must be positioned as it was at the beginning (arrow upwards) and in alignment with the drum arrow. Otherwise printed pages could be split by a vertical stripe.

Reinstall the drum-toner assembly within the printer

Close the front cover of the printer. The toner is changed!

Remember to wait 10 seconds before restarting the printer.

Anticipating: the key to success

This means that toner can be changed easily and quickly regardless of the type of machine. Nevertheless, it is important to regularly monitor the different ink levels in order to anticipate the renewal and purchase of replacement cartridges. It is recommended not to wait for the signal displayed on the machine or on the control screen in order to avoid a toner running out that could disturb your daily life or your professional activity.



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