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How can a business scanner save you time?

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Do you store your documents digitally? Do you want your buiness scanner to help you become both faster and more efficient? Your business scanner will help you achieve this. In reality, the scanner will help you with the movement towards a more effective digital environment and save you precious time on a daily basis.
In this article we will present you with the numerous functionalities of a scanner such as the ability to scan different types of documents, the choice of the format of storage, the automatic filing of your document s and the options to enhance the content of the document.

Scanning of Multiple Documents without the risk of paper jams or the need for you to move away from your desk!

A business scanner is designed to handle different types of document s, allowing for differing paper  thickness and sizes of documents.   In contrast to a multi-function printer the scanner can be placed directly on your desk, is considerably faster without a reduction in efficiency and without the risk of paper jams. 

A business scanner, such as the Brother DS720D, will allow you to scan all your essential documents:


– Standard A4 documents

– Laminated Cards:

  • ID Cards
  • Driving Licenses

– Smaller Documents

  • Bank cheques (80 X 175)
  • Business Cards
  • Bank Cards
  • Receipts

Save your scans directly where you want to store them to save time

To become more efficient in managing your documents, defining and automatically saving the documents to your desired destination, and thereafter making them easier to identify and access.

Share your scanned documents directly into shared network folder or to the cloud.

Send your scans to dedicated network business folders or directly to the cloud to share with your work colleagues without delay.

Send your digital copy directly to your email inbox

Do you want to easily send your scanned documents by email?  Do not waste time and send the digital copy of your documents directly to your email address by simply choosing this option.  You can then send it as an attachment to your work colleagues and clients.

Save your documents directly on to a SD card.

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Some scanners, like the Brother Mobile DS820DW will simply and easily offer you the option of saving the scanned document directly to your SD Card.

Store your scanned documents on a USB memory stick

Do you regularly use a USB stick at work?  You don’t need to change your way of doing things as you can upload your scanned documents directly to your USB stick and afterwards you can plug your USB stick directly in to your computer or a multi-function printer, to file your documents, share them with work colleagues or simply just print a copy.  This is an ideal solution for transferring documents if you don’t have access to the internet or a business network.

Easily improve the quality, readability and management of your documents

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Achieve an enhanced and perfectly readable version of your documents contents! This can be achieved by using all the useful functions offered by the Brother ADS 2700W desktop scanner

This scanner provides multiple functionality which enables you to:

  • Delete ink stains Remove hole punches
  • Tidy up the edges of your document
  • Remove shading to make the documents more easily readable
  • Automatically identifies documents that are not loaded vertically or scanned sideways.  As a result your documents are all readable without you having to rotate.
  • Automatically removes any blank pages in a multi paged document, only saving the relevant pages of documents

Save time by choosing your preferred format of your scanned documents tailored to your needs.

Today a business scanner allows you to choose to save your document in a multitude of formats (pdf, png, jpeg,etc)

As you scan you can select the format best suited to your needs.  You will not have to convert your files at a later date, which will save you precious time.

Scanner en pdf

PDF: This is one of the best known formats both on the web and in the printing sector.

This will be useful for the protection and saving of your documents, fonts, characters and images etc chosen by the original author. In fact this protection applies  to your documents regardless of the computer, the software or the operating system used by the people who look at or print your document in this format because of the programme used by PDF.

Searchable PDF:  This format allows you to find information you are looking for rapidly and easily from your scan by performing searches directly on the scanner.

JPEG or JPG:  This format is most commonly used for photos and images.  Although it loses some quality your images are easy to compress and can be quickly loaded on a page even if the internet connection is weak.

Document Editor:  By digitising your document to an editing application such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint from an OCR technology you can easily modify and reutilise the content of a document without difficulty.

TIFF of TIF:  This type of image format is ideal for high resolution photos plus it is liked by professionals as it can be used under different operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux).

PNG:  This is an excellent format for images.  The format PNG allows you to utilise 16.7 million different colours while maintaining a reasonably sized document.  Moreover this type of image gives you the possibility to compress the file without any loss of data and therefore quality.

GIF: This format allows you to create animated images that you can easily share, hence why this format is not advisable for printing because this type of image only takes in to consideration a limited amount of colours, just 256.

BMP:  This format is known for its image quality, however it will not allow you to compress the image.

BONUS:  One last piece of good news for managing your business cards!

Do you regularly meet new work colleagues, clients or even new suppliers?  In which case you must have a large amount of business cards that require managing.

Brother has the perfect solution for you with its software New Soft Presto Bizcard, included in all these scanners which will allow you to store directly to your contact list all the details contained on any business card such as email address and phone number of your contacts.  You will easily be able to find this information and therefore save your valuable time.

You have now been presented with all the facts you need to be able to choose a business scanner from our selection. You will find further information here on the different types of business scanners.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts by telephone on 0800 028 3197 or via webchat on our website so we can help you choose the scanner most suited to your needs.


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