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Finding the right Point of Sale printer for your business

Comment choisir son imprimante point de vente

Which POS printer should I choose?

If you are the owner of a small business chances are you already have a POS ticket printer that you use on a daily basis, especially if your sales are subjected to VAT. These printers that serve a very specific purpose are a must for most professionals, and that is why it is imperative to choose your printer with much care. We can already differentiate between two types of POS printers: receipt printers and cash registers. Most people know what a cash register is, but few are those who know how to choose wisely the right machine that will suit their business needs. You’ll have to trust me and take the “red pill” for we will be delving into the matrix and when you come out again on the other side you’ll have surely become more knowledgeable on the matter!

Receipt printers

There are various types of printers on the market that carry out different functions: thermal receipt printers, cheque printers or multifunction printers that print receipts and cheques. We will be looking at the printers that are the most widely in use, and those are the thermal and dot matrix printers.

Receipt printers: what are they used for?

Receipt printers are surprisingly useful for printing, well…you’ll have guessed: receipts. It might seem obvious, but I’m mentioning that because it is pretty much the only function they carry out. The model can be more or less advanced and therefore permit you to print invoices with duplicates, like the EPSON TM T 20 II dot matrix printer. But do not expect an amazing print quality.

Thermal printers

Thermal printers are the most widely available printers. This is due to the fact that there are many upsides to them, which I will diligently list below.

  • They are more economical: no more ink cartridges and no more wasteful spending. Printing takes place thanks to the heat that is applied to the paper.
  • They are silent (unlike dot matrix printers) and fast.
  • You can find them in all sizes and all colours. They’ll blend perfectly into your workspace, although we’ll most likely agree that you won’t win best interior design award of the year with it.

Now that I have listed for you the benefits of these printers, it must be said that there also are drawbacks; but since I like going against the grain I shall not list them here. Know however that the main inconvenient they have is the lack of durability of the print, it vanishes with time, a lot faster than normal ink. Furthermore a substance called bisphenol which is present on some thermal transfer ink ribbons, was shown to be potentially toxic, however SS BPA thermal transfer ribbons do not contain bisphenol.

Dot Matrix printers

A dot matrix printer or impact printer is slightly less enticing than a thermal printer, especially in terms of the cost. For one, the ink ribbon that passes on top of the paper certainly makes an unpleasant sound, which could be most irritating for a customer waiting at the till. Especially if this client has already been waiting for more than 20 minutes to pay for some items he or she has bought. On top of that the ink ribbons wear out quickly, which affects the print quality of your receipts bringing about a constant need for replacement.

However if you want to print an invoice with a duplicate, this machine will suit your needs. And since the printing is not thermal the print will indeed be longer lasting.

Our very own selection of receipt printers

EPSON thermal receipt printer

Epson TM T 20 II



EPSON receipt printer



EPSON receipt printer


Cash registers

Just like business printers, there is a wide variety of cash registers from the simplest model to the more sophisticated one. You’ll have to make a choice among the vast array of different machines by asking yourself the right questions. The more pertinent the question the more your selection criteria will be precise and well defined and thus the more decisive and accurate your purchase will be. There are two different types of cash registers, numeric and alphanumeric; I know it ‘s starting to sound like gobbledegook but I will explain…

Cash registers and their various uses

Cash registers not only allow you to print receipts but also to carry out all your cash operations. It’s the best friend of small businesses.

Numeric Cash Registers

A numeric cash register is pretty much like an overgrown calculator that can print out receipts. It is equipped with a LED display for the price and a cash drawer. Its simplicity of use and its few basic functions, like calculating VAT for instance, render it very useful and user friendly for small businesses and it’s all that is really needed for small grocery stores.

Alphanumeric cash registers

Although the name might seem to some to refer to a type of technology that would give you the ability to travel to exotic parallel universes, I’m only going to describe here a machine that permits you to manage pecuniary operations with a great versatility of functions. These cash registers have three types of functions. They allow you to key in or scan purchased items, select the mode of payment, and adjust other settings, like discounts for instance and extra operational tasks. These different functions were aimed at offering professionals a wider array of possibilities, for certain operations and activities being performed. They were thus designed for specific business needs professional users have, which require this type of machine.

Cash Registers: our best picks

Olivetti cash register


Olivetti cash register


Olivetti cash register


Venturing further into the world of POS printers

What you must remember from this delightful excursion in the world of receipt printers is that you need to precisely define what your requirements are. For sure, it is indeed the case for most of what you buy; however in this particular case it is a machine that you will confront and interact with everyday. It ‘s a bit like hiring someone who during a job interview constantly disappoints your expectations and never gives you the right answers. It is highly likely that you will decide to set aside such an underachieving applicant. So when it comes to printers that fall short in giving satisfying answers to your line of questioning it ought to be exactly the same!

If after this summary of POS printer choices, you still do not know what you are looking for, our printing experts will be able to ask you the right questions and help you in choosing a receipt printer that’ll be the most suited to your needs. You can even use our chat option to get in contact with us, so leave hesitation behind and just venture in…


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