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How to choose the best scanner?

While you’re browsing in search of a suitable scanner, numerous obscure technical terms may pop up and surprise you, like portable scanner, production scanner, ultrasonic double feed detection, OCR… But no worries, here and now you can kick back, leave confusion behind you and relax, as all will be explained…

First of all it’s good to know that business scanners can be classified into four categories:

So we’re now going to have a look at these four types of scanners and at the strengths of each category one by one.

Portable scanners

These scanners have specifically been designed to go with you wherever you go. Small, slim and light, they can slide easily into your briefcase or laptop bag. So if you’re visiting a client and you’ve just signed a contract, there’s no need for you to go back to your office. You’ll be able to digitise the all too precious document with a portable scanner there and then.

Furthermore if you dread a tangled and cumbersome cable mess that is sometimes needed for power supply and connectivity, you’ll from now on be able to travel light with a battery powered and wireless portable scanner like the Brother DS 820W.

Choosing a mobile scanner

We can also mention here that certain portable scanner models have the added benefit of having an SD card option, allowing you to directly store your digitised information onto an SD card. Later on you’ll be able to retrieve all your digitised documents on your computer having plugged that card into it.

Flatbed Scanners

If you’re looking to obtain a quality output for your digitising, we advise you to get a flatbed scanner. With a high degree of capture resolution, these scanners digitise your documents by capturing all the details Choosing a flatbed scannerof the initial document or image, allowing you to keep digital copies that are perfectly identical to the original.

Another benefit of having a flatbed scanner like the Canon Canoscan Lide 300, is that the glass pane permits you to scan bound documents that are thick or prone to damage.

Flatbed scanner Epson workforce DS-60000You can also combine the benefits of a glass pane with that of a document feeder with flatbed scanners such as the Epson Workforce DS-60000 to digitise all types of documents.

Desktop Scanners

Desktop scanners are the perfect middle ground between efficiency and a compact design, since it is equipped with a 20 to 80 sheets capacity ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). You’ll now be able to save time and let it deal with scanning, while you take care of other tasks at hand.
Their small size will allow you to store these useful scanners on your desk with ease and save on space. Digitising can thus take place right next to you, relieving you of long treks to the scanner. Saving you time and energy is the motto of machines like the Epson Workforce DS-530 or the Brother ADS 3600W.

Discover Brother ADS 3600W and Epson Workforce DS-530 desktop scanners

However the far reaching practicality of these scanners is not limited to these features, for you will also be able to make effortless the management of digitising and improve image quality.

At this critical juncture you might ask how all this would be possible? Well by simply putting to good use all the features of these types of scanners.

Indeed these desktop scanners allows you amongst other things to carry out:• Deletion of ink stains known as despeckling, punch hole removal, margin filling to remove borders, background processing and colour drop out, which rubs out any background colour that makes the document less readable.

  • Auto-deskew and auto-rotate to make them readable as soon as the document is opened without having to alter the document orientation manually.
  • Deletion of blank pages from your piles of documents so that you no longer store useless pages.
  • Ultrasonic detection of double feeds. And so you’ll be sure that you have scanned all the pages of your documents without having left a single one out.
  • Optical recognition of barcodes found on your digitised documents, allowing you to classify these later on.
  • Colour enhancement known as binarisation: a feature that heightens the shades of black and/or colours of your documents to make them sharper and more legible.
  • The enabling of searchable content for your documents so that OCR (optical character recognition) may recognise and thus locate data and information whenever you carry out a specific search.

You must know however, that some of these features will be available as standard features or optional features depending on the model. Check out everything that your scanner has to offer by reading it’s specifications, which you will be able to find in the scanner section of our website. Or call us free of charge on 0800 028 3197.

Production Scanners

Discover Brother pds 5000 Scanner Do you deal with high scanning volumes on a daily basis? And do you need to scan your documents in order to keep the information safe and secure so as to make use of it at a later date? If that’s the case then look no further, for a production scanner is just what you need!

This type of scanner makes you save a vast amount of time by digitising your documents with impressive speed. These scanners have a document feed capacity that goes up to 100 sheets like the BROTHER PDS-5000 production scanner.

Choosing the production scanner Epson Workforce DS-70000And more than that, you’ll even be able to scan all you A3 sized documents with as much ease and speed as if you where scanning an A4 format, all of this with a scanner dedicated to such a task and that’ll be the Epson Workforce DS-7000 production scanner.

This type of machine offers the same features a desktop scanner would in terms of image processing and image quality improvement. And so your documents will turn out to be a lot easier on the eyes for you and your colleagues.

You are now, more than ready to select the right business scanner among those that have been handpicked by our digitisation experts on the ecoburotic website! However if you still have questions or you are not certain about a particular scanner do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists to finally be able to digitise all your documents in a way that suits all of your workplace needs.


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