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How can a business scanner save you time?

Scanner Brother

Do you store your documents digitally? Do you want your buiness scanner to help you become both faster and more efficient? Your business scanner will help you achieve this. In reality, the scanner will help you with the movement towards a more effective digital environment and save you precious time on a daily basis.
In this article we will present you with the numerous functionalities of a scanner such as the ability to scan different types of documents, the choice of the format of storage, the automatic filing of your document s and the options to enhance the content of the document.

Scanning of Multiple Documents without the risk of paper jams or the need for you to move away from your desk!

A business scanner is designed to handle different types of document s, allowing for differing paper  thickness and sizes of documents.   In contrast to a multi-function printer the scanner can be placed directly on your desk, is considerably faster without a reduction in efficiency and without the risk of paper jams. 

A business scanner, such as the Brother DS720D, will allow you to scan all your essential documents:


– Standard A4 documents

– Laminated Cards:

  • ID Cards
  • Driving Licenses

– Smaller Documents

  • Bank cheques (80 X 175)
  • Business Cards
  • Bank Cards
  • Receipts

Save your scans directly where you want to store them to save time

To become more efficient in managing your documents, defining and automatically saving the documents to your desired destination, and thereafter making them easier to identify and access.

Share your scanned documents directly into shared network folder or to the cloud.

Send your scans to dedicated network business folders or directly to the cloud to share with your work colleagues without delay.

Send your digital copy directly to your email inbox

Do you want to easily send your scanned documents by email?  Do not waste time and send the digital copy of your documents directly to your email address by simply choosing this option.  You can then send it as an attachment to your work colleagues and clients.

Save your documents directly on to a SD card.

scanner pro

Some scanners, like the Brother Mobile DS820DW will simply and easily offer you the option of saving the scanned document directly to your SD Card.

Store your scanned documents on a USB memory stick

Do you regularly use a USB stick at work?  You don’t need to change your way of doing things as you can upload your scanned documents directly to your USB stick and afterwards you can plug your USB stick directly in to your computer or a multi-function printer, to file your documents, share them with work colleagues or simply just print a copy.  This is an ideal solution for transferring documents if you don’t have access to the internet or a business network.

Easily improve the quality, readability and management of your documents

Scanner Brother

Achieve an enhanced and perfectly readable version of your documents contents! This can be achieved by using all the useful functions offered by the Brother ADS 2700W desktop scanner

This scanner provides multiple functionality which enables you to:

  • Delete ink stains Remove hole punches
  • Tidy up the edges of your document
  • Remove shading to make the documents more easily readable
  • Automatically identifies documents that are not loaded vertically or scanned sideways.  As a result your documents are all readable without you having to rotate.
  • Automatically removes any blank pages in a multi paged document, only saving the relevant pages of documents

Save time by choosing your preferred format of your scanned documents tailored to your needs.

Today a business scanner allows you to choose to save your document in a multitude of formats (pdf, png, jpeg,etc)

As you scan you can select the format best suited to your needs.  You will not have to convert your files at a later date, which will save you precious time.

Scanner en pdf

PDF: This is one of the best known formats both on the web and in the printing sector.

This will be useful for the protection and saving of your documents, fonts, characters and images etc chosen by the original author. In fact this protection applies  to your documents regardless of the computer, the software or the operating system used by the people who look at or print your document in this format because of the programme used by PDF.

Searchable PDF:  This format allows you to find information you are looking for rapidly and easily from your scan by performing searches directly on the scanner.

JPEG or JPG:  This format is most commonly used for photos and images.  Although it loses some quality your images are easy to compress and can be quickly loaded on a page even if the internet connection is weak.

Document Editor:  By digitising your document to an editing application such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint from an OCR technology you can easily modify and reutilise the content of a document without difficulty.

TIFF of TIF:  This type of image format is ideal for high resolution photos plus it is liked by professionals as it can be used under different operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux).

PNG:  This is an excellent format for images.  The format PNG allows you to utilise 16.7 million different colours while maintaining a reasonably sized document.  Moreover this type of image gives you the possibility to compress the file without any loss of data and therefore quality.

GIF: This format allows you to create animated images that you can easily share, hence why this format is not advisable for printing because this type of image only takes in to consideration a limited amount of colours, just 256.

BMP:  This format is known for its image quality, however it will not allow you to compress the image.

BONUS:  One last piece of good news for managing your business cards!

Do you regularly meet new work colleagues, clients or even new suppliers?  In which case you must have a large amount of business cards that require managing.

Brother has the perfect solution for you with its software New Soft Presto Bizcard, included in all these scanners which will allow you to store directly to your contact list all the details contained on any business card such as email address and phone number of your contacts.  You will easily be able to find this information and therefore save your valuable time.

You have now been presented with all the facts you need to be able to choose a business scanner from our selection. You will find further information here on the different types of business scanners.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts by telephone on 0800 028 3197 or via webchat on our website so we can help you choose the scanner most suited to your needs.

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Practical advice

How to print an important document?

Imprimer documents

All you need to know when you want to print an important document


  1. Print a confidential document
  2. Print a high quality document
  3. Print a durable document
  4. Print your important documents: conlusion

Did you know that printing a payslip, a contract or a brochure requires due care and attention for a quality result? In order to help you with all your important document printouts, Ecoburotic will give you all the tips that you need.


An important document will possess one or more of these characteristics:

  • It is a confidential document :
    Whether it be a payslip, an invoice or a contract, some of the documents that we print on a daily basis may be sensitive in nature. That will most notably be the case in the medical and healthcare sectors, in the legal profession or even in human resources departments or accounting.
  • It requires great printing quality:
    Certain documents necessitate a high-end printing quality (such as brochures, presentations, quotations…) these types of documents could be used in marketing and marketing communications.
  • It needs to be a durable document:
    Whether the document is durable or not will be heavily dependent on the printing equipment being used. These long-lasting documents are usually required in administrative work and in the legal profession.

So if you wish to know all of our tips to optimise the printing quality of your important documents, here is the guide!

I need to print a confidential document

Imprimante HP

If ever you are looking for new ways to increase your stamina, well it’s easy to do: just send the print job launch of one of your most sensitive documents to the wrong printer. Very few are the lucky ones who have not had, at least once, the misfortune of sending one of their ultra-confidential print jobs to the wrong printer, forcing them to leap into a panic stricken sprint to go and retrieve it.
Although it might be a hilarious sight to behold for some of your co-workers, it is a mishap that is thankfully avoidable with printers such as the HP Pagewide Pro MFP 477 DW, that features pin protected printing and badge authentication.

I need to print a high quality document

Choosing the right printing technology is absolutely essential when printing high resolution documents.
For all your photos, we recommend that you use the inkjet technology, which will provide a higher resolution and a better colour and image. Models that specialise in printing photos of printers such as the EPSON Expression Photo XP-8500 Small-In-One.

Imprimante Epson

However if your document is comprised of just text and/or graphs a laser printer such as the BROTHER MFC L2750DW will do just fine.

Imprimante Brother

Choosing the right paper is also a factor that needs to be taken into consideration for the printing of quality documents. The higher the grammage the better the print quality will be.
So these are our tips when using various paper grammages:

  • Check in the technical specifications of your machine whether it accommodates the particular grammage you are using.
  • If you print on a regular basis on a variety of media types, we recommend to opt for a model that offers the possibility of having multiple paper trays or to add one optionally, like the BROTHER MFC L8690CDW for instance.

Finally it is good to know that certain copiers offer a variety of features that allow you to add some finishing touches, which will be ideal for important documents.
Certain models will permit you to add document enhancements such as stapling, perforations or even saddle stitching.
With all these features you will be able to relegate bad memories of whole days spent copying stapling and perforating stacks of massive documents to a distant past.

I need to print a durable document

The type of equipment you decide to make yours with also have a bearing on the durability of your documents.
If you wish to archive your documents we advise you to use inkjet printing, which will deliver a longer lasting print than laser. Some regulations make it obligatory on certain corporate bodies to respect and comply with the ISO 11789 standard when archiving documents. These standards include the durability of writing, print and reprography on paper documents.

It’s always good to know:

  • If the printing you carry out takes place in a cleanroom, so as to comply with ISO standard 14 644–1, it will be better to use an inkjet printer rather than laser, since the latter generates airborne particles.
  • Opt for USB connectivity and/or secured Wi-Fi when confidentiality is required so as to prevent network intrusions.

Print your important documents: conclusion.

So here you have it, choosing the right print technology, a suitable paper grammage and taking into consideration many other key factors depending on the circumstances will be crucial when printing your important documents.
Do not leave out setting out your specific document requirements accurately by asking the right questions. Will it be a confidential document or one that requires a higher print quality? And finally, will it need to be durable? The printing needs will need to be defined in order to make the right printer choice.
Now if you need more information to find a suitable printer, feel free to contact one of our experts by calling us free on 0800 028 3197 or by using the chat option on our website.

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Practical advice

What should I do with my empty ink cartridges?

Comment recycler ses anciennes cartouches d'encre

How to recycle my empty ink cartridges

If your business prints a large volume of documents that use up a considerable number of ink cartridges each day, and you’re not sure what to do with them, remember that if you decide to put them in the bin, not only is it bad for the planet (and you indirectly), it’s also bad for your wallet. With just a little bit of effort your old cartridges can actually earn you some money! Not heaps, but after all you know how the old saying goes “take care of the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”!

Let’s take a look at the most effective ways for recycling and disposing of your empty cartridges.

Return your empty cartridges

To the manufacturer

To preserve the environment some manufacturers have recently decided to set up recycling programmes. They provide pre-paid envelopes to return cartridges free of charge. If you would like use this service, visit your printer’s manufacturer’s website, where you will be able to order some envelopes directly online. It should be noted that Canon does not offer this service.

This service obviously makes you feel better (and quite rightly), but it is also a great selling point for your customers. Be sure to let your customers know about your ecological commitments, especially if you are in the BtoC domain. Current trends are putting pressure on companies to be more eco-friendly, a stance that is becoming increasingly important.

To the wholesaler

Some shops and wholesalers will take back your old ink cartridges and either reuse them or dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. This is why Ecoburotic has invented the Ecobac. Ecobac is a free and easy way of sending your cartridges back to us. Simply fill the box up and depending on the type of cartridge, we’ll either recycle or destroy them in an eco-friendly way.

Return your ink cartridges to a recycling specialist

You can choose to return your ink cartridges directly to your manufacturer, but they won’t give you any money in return – that would be too good to be true. If you really want to earn some money with your used cartridges, you can always use an ink cartridge recycling company. There are numerous companies that specialise in recycling. This is what’s known as a circular economy and good news for you!

Have you ever thought how unfair it is that you get nothing for all the waste you put in your bin? Well you’re right to think so, since some of our waste still has a commercial value, and ink cartridges most certainly do. These cartridges can be recycled and resold; hence the reason why some companies have decided to hone in on this opportunity. These companies will pay you for any cartridges you send them. It won’t be a huge amount – around a pound or so on average per cartridge recycled. Thanks to this service, a task that was fairly time consuming and offered no financial gain can now be fruitful for companies. Let’s say you recycle five black ink cartridges per month, at the end of the year you could have saved up to £100. I think most people would say that they’d prefer to keep the money than throw it down the drain. So stop throwing your ink cartridges in the bin and sell them instead!

How to manage your ink cartridge stock

Comment recycler mes cartouches d'encreBefore deciding how to get rid of your ink cartridges, let’s take a look at how you use them cost-effectively. If you are careful how you use your ink cartridges, you’ll lengthen their lifespan and won’t have to recycle them so often. In the long run, you’ll save yourself both time and money. Since time is money, a few small changes that can help save a few precious minutes wouldn’t go amiss for most companies.

There are various options you might like to consider to manage your ink stock more economically and efficiently. Here are a few that can help you do this.

Reducing your ink consumption


There are various quick and easy techniques you can use to do this, for example:

  • Select the Economy mode in the print preferences of your printer.
  • Print in black and white as much as possible.

Change the font in your word processing system. This may seem hardly worth it but statistics prove that this small change is effective. Using the “Century Gothic” font will reduce your ink consumption by about 30% compared to more common fonts such as Arial.

Make sure you have sufficient supplies

Once this step has been completed you can then tackle a new challenge of the modern world: how to change your ink cartridges 

If you have any other questions about how to manage your used ink cartridges or improve the management of your cartridge stock, please feel free to contact one of our experts either over the phone or via our chat room.

Your ink cartridge is nearly empty and you haven’t had time to re-order – sound familiar? Avoid this problem and opt for the automated replenishment of your consumables. A special application connected directly to your printers measures the ink levels of each cartridge to ensure a quick delivery of the exact number of consumables you require for each printer. This application saves you the time-consuming task of checking your various printers and making sure you order the correct product for each one.

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Practical advice

Which paper for my printer?

Quel papier choisir pour mon imprimante professionnelle

Which paper for my printer?

You need to print your document and don’t know how to choose your paper? Don’t panic, this article will give you some tips on how to choose the right paper for your equipment and printing needs. Paper will no longer have any secrets for you!

Identify the technology of your machine

First of all, it is important to know the printing technology of your professional or multifunctional printer. There are several printing technologies:

Cold printing: Inkjet technology

Hot printing: Laser technology or thermal printing

You don’t know where to look for this information? We have a quick and efficient solution:

  • By consumables:

If you have access to the machine, open the cartridge compartment:

The consumables in your machine will allow you to know if it uses inkjet or laser technology. This is what an inkjet cartridge looks like vs. laser/toner cartridge:

  • By the printer model:

If you don’t have the machine in front of you, here is a current overview of the manufacturers’ inkjet and laser ranges:









(MX / MG /TR /TS)












XEROX Phaser



What are the paper weights supported by my machine?

Caution: Depending on the paper feed trays, the supported sizes and weights may be different. Please observe the formats and weights recommended by the manufacturers on the various paper trays to avoid jamming and premature wear of the drive rollers. By respecting these instructions, you ensure the durability of your equipment and above all keep the validity of your manufacturer’s warranty!

Feel free to consult the technical brochure or user manual of your machine.

I choose my paper in 5 steps

The choice of paper size:

  • A4 Letter, mail, small posters
  • A3 Poster, poster, plans, leaflet
  • A5 Flyers, booklet, leaflets, greetings cards
  • A6 Flyers, Mailing

The type of paper:

  • Offset paper = meets all needs, compatible with inkjet, laser and copier equipment (Good value for money)
  • Photo paper = ideal for images, photographs, optimal rendering and bright colours
  • Coated paper = high-quality paper, thanks to its several layers of fibres, the ink is totally absorbed, leaving a smooth surface without stains or traces of ink
  • Uncoated paper = paper without treatment or finish

The weight:

  • 80 gr: Mailing
  • 80 gr: Copy, archiving, dedicated to large volumes of printing.
  • 90 gr: Daily correspondence (administrative and commercial). Ideal for double-sided printing.
  • 100 / 120 gr: Presentation and communication documents (flyers, brochures). Better quality.
  • -150 gr to 200 gr: Brochure, Poster, Magazine
  • – 170 to 250 gr: Cover and solid colours
  • 200 to 225 gr: Business card
  • -250 – 300 gr: Postcards, greetings cards, invitation cards

The whiteness index:

The higher the brightness index, the better the quality of the paper will be. There is a variation in the shade of white according to the index.

Example: index of 95CIE “light grey”; 169CIE “intense white”; 169CIE “intense white

Here are the different existing indices:

  • 95CIE
  • 145CIE
  • 161CIE
  • 169CIE

The finishing:

  • Matt paper: ideal for graphic arts, gives a depth effect to the image, more resistant to light and fingerprints
  • Glossy paper: ideal for communication media, it accentuates bright colours, guarantees the brightness of colours and enhances your photos.
  • Satin paper: suitable for all types of documents, its texture is smooth and silky.

In summary:

For optimal documents, it is essential to choose your paper carefully while respecting the technology and weight supported by your machine and your different feeders. So, I officially declare you a paper expert…

You can now officially advise your colleagues in the choice of their paper!

Things to know about the paper market

You must have noticed that the price of paper has been rising steadily over the past two years. This phenomenon is based on ecological and political reasons. It should be noted that in Europe we only recycle 50% of our waste, the other half is sent to China for transforming into pulp.

Faced with critical ecological conditions, particularly with regard to air quality, the Chinese government has applied stricter measures and no longer wishes to recycle polluting materials, particularly certain ferrous metals, plastics and textiles, but also paper, as the ink from the used paper is highly polluting. China is increasingly importing virgin pulp directly from wood for its own consumption. Further promoting deforestation, particularly in forests that have not yet been sustainably exploited. We therefore arrive at this supply and demand effect, the stronger the demand, the higher the price increases.

The shortage of raw materials needed to make paper is therefore constantly increasing, impacting several markets (envelopes, paper reels, toilet paper, packaging and packaging…). And yet, as end customers, we are increasingly looking for an economical solution. Papermakers are therefore developing new strategies by launching ranges of very lightweight paper (<=70 gr)

Hoping that this article will help you to become aware of the economic and ecological issues facing the paper industry, which affect us both professionally and personally…

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On videoPractical advice

Video advice: How to choose a business scanner?

Choosing a business scanner is not an easy task for many companies. Scott and Phill share their printing knowledge with you and help you choose the right machine for your professional needs.

If you’re wondering:

– How to choose the ideal business scanner with the right features?

– What are my needs: printing, scanning, faxing and copying?

– What are my scanning volume and speed requirements?

Then our printing experts will provide you with their advice and expertise to support you in your decision-making.

Let yourself be guided by this video and go to our Ecoburotic Youtube channel to discover more.

You may also be interested by our video to help you to choose the best business printer.

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On video

Video advice: How to choose a business printer?

Choosing a business printer often appears to be a real chore, a constraint or a painful puzzle for our users. For this reason, Scott and Emily share their knowledge with you and guide you towards an informed choice that meets your professional needs.

If you’re wondering:

  • How to choose the ideal machine with the right features?
  • What are my needs: printing, scanning, faxing and copying?
  • What are my printing volume and speed requirements?
  • Which printing technology to choose: laser or inkjet?

Then our printing specialists at Ecoburotic will provide you with advice and expertise to help you make the right decision.

Let yourself be guided by this video and go to our Ecoburotic Youtube channel to discover more.


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Practical advice

The 6 advantages of the scan function

Utiliser un scanner professionnel

The scan function is undoubtedly a very important element to consider when purchasing your business printer. This function, somewhat under used, is extremely practical. Below are the main features of scanning:

1- storing a document on your computer

By scanning a document and saving it on your computer or server, you will no longer spend 50 minutes trying to get your hands on a document embedded in a pile of sheets on your desk. This will reduce the influence of disorder on your professional life. The scan function becomes even more useful if your desk is the size of a shoe box, if you have a hundred invoices to keep carefully and if you are currently sitting on a pile of documents due to lack of storage….

In addition to space-saving, you will give your colleagues the illusion that your desk is tidy and you will are in control. Some kind of storage guru.

2- No more accusing your colleagues of having never returned the documents you loaned to them when they claim otherwise

By scanning the document, your colleagues will be able to access it at the same time as you (provided you do not save the document on your personal private server)

Also, it will prevent your colleagues from making annotations on your dear document, from curling the corners of the page or putting a cup of coffee on it and creating a dark brown halo appear. Your scanned document will remain beautiful and clean for life! Advice if you work in a large organisation or if several people need to have access to several documents at the same time: you can set up an EMD system to facilitate storage.

3- Send a document in PDF or JPEG by email

By scanning a document, you can send it directly to the recipient by email via the “scan to mail” function. No need to send you the document and then send it back to the recipient. You can do everything at once from the touch screen of your business printer. However, remember to check the recipient’s email address carefully, so as not to send a top secret document to an important customer…

4- Storing a document on a USB key

The “scan to USB” function is available on most printers, and is even more useful if you do not have access to a computer. Just scan the document, send it to the USB key that is plugged into the machine and you can keep it in your pocket!

5- Protecting against natural disasters

Imagine that you have about a hundred very important documents… and a sandstorm/hurricane/volcanic eruption destroys your documents. What bad luck. At that terribly difficult time, you would have at least been grateful to have scanned and saved them using the scan function of your professional printer. Think about it, scanning makes it possible to secure the storage of documents.

6- The scan function: a gesture for the planet

At Ecoburotic, we are aware of the impact of paper on our environment. The scan function therefore makes it easier for you to work in the office, but also promotes sustainable development and reduces your paper consumption. Have the thought to scan the documents every time you want to print them. Both economically and ecologically, the scan function will appeal to the planet as much as to your managers.

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Practical advice

How to make your choice in the jungle of printing solutions?

Choisir son imprimante professionnelle

Printing, scanning, photocopying… these tasks are now part of the lives of all your employees. However, even if for a typical employee using a multifunction printer with as many buttons as a spaceship has become as natural as using the coffee machine, professional printing has become a business strategy that can directly affect performance. Unforeseen events such as a printer failure, a shortage of ink or toner cartridges are all factors that can cause a slowdown in activity

Which printer for my company?

choisir son scanner professionnelOf course, we could focus on the either-or choice between laser and inkjet printer, but the choice of a well-matched printer is first defined by the type of company.

Depending on the size of the company, the number of printed documents or the desired functions (paper format, wireless, photo printer…), In order to be as useful as possible to your employees it is best to select the equipment that it is in line with the company’s work rhythm.

If you have a great need for printing, often communicate by email or fax and your company has many employees (SMEs or very large companies), an A3 multifunction printer seems better suited to your needs.

On the other hand, if you are the manager of a small company and only the printing, scanning and photocopying functions are useful to you, a compact, space-saving printer is a good compromise.

Consumables at the heart of professional printing.

Cartouches d'encre

As you already know, a printer alone won’t do you much good, you need ink and paper to feed it. This is the crux of the matter, because if we add to the regular purchase of consumables, the maintenance of the printer or even a permanent breakdown, we quickly realize that taking care of these machines takes time, time that you could spend on some more productive activities. This is why companies must nowadays consider printing as a strategy.

Whilst rental is an option not all rental options offer the savings anticipated or the sort of flexibility of changing business requirements that you might be looking for.

If you do not yet feel that printer rental is suitable for your company, my mission is to tell you that Print Essential does not require any contractual commitment and nevertheless allows you to benefit from a really useful service.

How many times have you heard your colleagues curse your ink-free printer? How many times have you been alone in front of your black and white printed page due to lack of colour? I’m sure you’re familiar with these potential problems. There is no point in having a good colour laser printer if you can’t use it. So look for a forward-looking solution that will allow you to avoid these unwanted situations.

Which brand to choose?

The brand is important but it is not the most important point for choosing your machine. If you feel totally drowned by the big names in the industry like Epson, Brother, Canon, HP, and others, don’t be afraid! You must focus first and foremost on the functionality you want to have. Once these features are identified, the multifunction printer of your dreams, whatever the brand, will come to you!

Which functions to choose?

It’s a logical question, and there are a very large amount of functions that you could consider having:

  • Print in colour or black and white.
  • Photo printer
  • Wi-fi printer
  • Scanner, photocopier.
  • Duplex printing.

There are many other features, too many to mention, but by contacting our team of experts free of charge on 0 800 326 287, you can tell us your needs and we will find the machines with the most suitable features for your projects.

And if you are shy or you read this article at 3 in the morning, you can contact us via our live-chat!


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Practical advice

Professional printer: stay connected!

Découvrez comment connecter votre imprimante professionnelle

Connected devices are everywhere in our daily lives: watches, shoes, glasses, speakers. They invade our homes and workspaces. Their usefulness is no longer in question, whether in terms of practicality, fun or technology. If there is one domain in which a connected device can save precious time, it is the domain of the professional printer. We can all remember (too) many times where our business printer runs out of ink or toner. And this always comes at the wrong time, of course: before an important customer appointment or in the middle of a day of intense activity… And then… it’s the drama, the nervous breakdown!

Professional printer connected = SERENITY!

Connecting your professional printers eliminates these situations. Not only do you no longer run out of ink, but you no longer waste time ordering your cartridges and toners (Oh yes, you to have not memorized the make and model of all your printers at the office?). Are you interested in making your life easier in a few minutes?

Professional printer connected, how does it work?

Thanks to applications or small pieces of software, a professional printer automatically communicates the level of its cartridges and therefore the status of its needs. You may have been aware of these options if you use a service provider who installs and manages a fleet of photocopiers in your company. Until now, these solutions were almost exclusively reserved for companies using contract printing solutions. However, the applications concerned can work just as well for ALL professional printers connected to your company’s network. Regardless of the size of the fleet and without any contractual commitment!

This is the service offered by Ecoburotic as part of its Print Essential offer.

The implementation of this service is extremely simple. The application is installed on your network in a few minutes by our remote technician. This application then transmits certain data from your professional printer to Ecoburotic teams: the level of cartridges or toners, the number of pages printed, alerts…

And then what? From your side you have nothing more to do; the cartridges and toners will arrive directly on your desk.

A personal space allows you to monitor your consumption in real time and control your entire fleet of professional printers. By the way, this interface will be very useful to monitor unnecessary impressions (on average 20%… Oh yes!).

Our advice: connect all your professional printers regardless of the brand!

Some manufacturers also offer their consumables supply service. But only on their own brand. However, it is extremely rare to have only one brand of printer within a company. To take full advantage of the time and budget savings offered by these services, make sure that your service provider allows you to connect your entire fleet, regardless of the brand of the professional printer. This is the case with the Print Essential service.

Personally, I don’t have a connected watch yet. However, I can’t even remember the last time I was out of ink. And Juliette, who works a few meters from me, has just finished identifying the requirements for cartridges and toners for all departments, on all printers….

One last detail: this service is free of charge and without obligation.

Interested? Take 2 minutes to discover the Print Essential offer in video.


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Practical advice

Printing costs: 5 tips to reduce your budget

Comment mieux gérer votre parc d'imprimante professionnelle et faire des économies

When we talk about reducing a company’s printing budget, we inevitably start with 2 scary observations:

  1. Only 1 in 10 companies really know what they spend on printing
  2. And yet, according to an IDC study, companies spend up to 3% of their turnover on document production, management and distribution.

Ouch, it hurts… It’s a reality. And now that you have these statistics in mind, ask yourself this question: what is my company’s printing budget? Usually, this question is followed by a no formal answer….

What exactly is a company’s printing budget?

Let’s start by defining which items make up a printing budget. There are two types of costs:

  1. Visible printing costs: they are generally under control. They include the equipment, consumables and maintenance of your professional printers and photocopiers.
  2. Hidden printing costs are those that are more difficult to identify and affect productivity in particular:
  • The time spent by the company’s IT department on printing problems, up to 50%….
  • The case of a company that has a fleet of multi-brand printers and photocopiers with many suppliers, time-consuming in terms of stock management, replenishment and invoicing
  • The hidden cost related to productivity if the company has equipment that is unsuitable in relation to its needs
  • But also the storage of consumables, which can have a significant value.

In short, many factors for which there are simple and pragmatic solutions if you are well supported. We offer you 5 tips that will certainly help you reduce your company’s printing budget.

1 – Conduct an audit of your fleet of professional printers

When it comes to audits, it’s simply a matter of listing your printers and photocopiers within your company, then analyzing the type and volume of printed documents. You will already be able to start identifying savings in the printer fleet and unnecessary prints.

My advice is to use the services of an expert in the field. On the basis of the material you have listed, he will be able to carry out an in-depth audit and offer you more efficient and economical printing solutions.

2 – Study the renewal of your equipment

A professional printer poorly calibrated for your activity is a source of costs: overconsumption of ink and parts, repeated failures, loss of productivity, poor print quality… Discover in this video how to choose the professional printer best suited to your company.

You should also know that professional printers and new generation photocopiers consume up to 40% less energy.

3 – Centralize your printing on multifunctional photocopiers

It is also an exercise worth carrying out: should your auxiliary printers be replaced by a multifunction photocopier? Generally, this consideration come up with some surprising answers. Especially since this equipment is usually accompanied by a rental contract, being more flexible for cash flow and more advantageous in terms of services (installation, maintenance, etc.)

Your service provider, if he is a good professional, will be able to calculate for you the savings achieved by this outsourced management solution.

4 – Set up a document digitisation project within your company

We know that the volume of documents managed by a company increases significantly each year, the scanning of documents becomes a key issue to reduce the printing budget. Invoices, pay slips, contracts… There are numerous options, but they still need to be implemented using clearly defined methodology. Find out here what are the key success factors for choosing a scanner.

5- Encourage good practices within your company

A few simple rules can already reduce a company’s printing budget.

  • Print primarily on both sides and/or in black and white: these are options that can be directly configured on most professional printers
  • Always check on screen before printing to avoid layout problems
  • Select the pages to be printed and not necessarily the entire document
  • Choose multiple printing, which allows you to consolidate several pages on the same sheet

In short, high printing costs are not inevitable. There are simple solutions that will give you immediate benefits to reduce your company’s printing budget.

If you would like advice by one of our experts: contact us on  0800 028 3197 (free call) on via our live-chat.


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