All you need to know about mobile printing

Impression via smartphone et wifi

Mobile printing isn’t rocket science…

More and more of the activities we do on a daily basis are on the go, whether it be at work or at home for some, in co-working spaces or in sharing offices, or even when dealing with admin issues whilst visiting a client. A study suggests that 95% of consumers and 67% of business users want the ability to print from their mobile devices, and another study points to the fact that 75% of users said mobile printing has a business value that is on par with PC printing, whereas 15% say mobile printing has an even greater business value than PC printing.
Two revolutions are taking place, one stemming from the other: in the workplace and also therefore in printing. These two revolutions are well on their way: people who are more and more on the go, need to have their equipment with them at all times, printing being also a necessity, mobile printing was born. Now, for sure mobile printing is a great idea but without a printer, you won’t go very far. I permit myself here to throw in the mix this wonderful article by one of my colleagues.
A question of critical importance needs to be asked here: How can we marry data security and truly flexible mobile printing? Well… it’s become a doddle and it’s going to be plain and simple why that’s the case.

Mobile Printing with Android


Let’s go back a few years to 2013, the year, which incidentally was declared to be the international year of Quinoa by the World health organisation. When confronted with security issues inherently present with sharing important documents via mobile printing; on computers, smartphones and tablets, a few manufacturers decided to create the Mopria alliance. This alliance resolved trust issues that companies had, and permitted them to protect their data. Thanks to that alliance and the developing of software, the mobile printing market is constantly evolving. Not, only users but also manufacturers have had to catch up, so as to make their equipment, hardware and software compatible with technological leaps in the mobile printing industry and to therefore make usage more universal and efficient. Mopria’s main aim is to make mobile printing accessible to all, at all times, on whatever medium. This printing technology has now become ubiquitous and widespread due to the fact that no printing driver is required. Printing thus becomes quick and easy, there not being any hindrance between you and the printer.
To be able to use Mopria one needs to download it via Android’s Google Play. Once it’s installed the Android operating system will detect the various printers situated in the company offices. And so it’s now possible to print a document while in the break room to find it back in the office or at ones desk moments later. With a few simple clicks on the smartphone one can alter layout and printing settings.

Other Android apps

Most printer manufacturers have created their own app to make printing easier from smartphones and other connected devices. Various brands like HP, Samsung, Brother, Canon and Epson for instance have developed such apps that are available for download on platforms like Google Play.

Not only are these apps user friendly, but they also let you print directly from your photo gallery, your mail and from Internet. You can also select the printing options you prefer (colour, format, duplexing…). On top of these various functions, printing is protected and made easy, printer detection being carried out via the IP address. Thanks to these apps printing is now child’s play.

You’ll be able to print whatever you want, the only problematic issue now will be how you manage your consumables… no ink cartridges…no printing… Oops silly me! Our free offer will prevent you from ever running out of ink cartridges. Do not hesitate to find out about our connected printers, it might end up being very useful to do so.

Mobile Printing with Apple IOS


Impression grâce à Airprint d'AppleAirPrint was put in place by Apple quite a while back now, and permits you to print from your iPad or your iPhone using the network that your mobile devices and printers are linked to. It is a widely available service on most multifunction printers nowadays. To be able to use this function you need to be linked to the same network via Wi-Fi or even using an Ethernet RJ45 cable, yep…it still exists. No need to install or download any program, everything takes place automatically.

The Plug ‘n’ Play hub

Yet again for all the Apple users out there, it’s a hub that allows you to print remotely, by permitting printers that do not have the AirPrint function to make use of this service. Printing is directly launched from mobile devices and there’s no need to install an app. It’s easy to use and a doddle to install, the hub is just plugged into the network and it automatically recognises the printers.
In short don’t worry anymore about printing from a mobile, as you can see, it’s all taken care of and it’s as easy as pie!


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